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We are greener than you think!!!

Our Buses VS Hybrids

We are proud to supply 2008 EPA-compliant Motor Coach Industries J4500 buses. Sure,it only gets 5 to 9 mpg. (We know some SUVs that don’t do much better!) And the highest mileage Hybrid car gets 60 to 66 mpg. But when you adjust the numbers to account for per-passenger fuel efficiency, the picture looks a little different:

Hybrid Car VS MCI Coach

Factors Hybrid Car MCI Coach
Gallons of fuel needed to go 100 miles 1.58 15.40
Typical number of occupied seats 1 57
Per-passenger fuel consumption to travel 1.58 .27
Per-passenger cost to go 100 miles $4.74 $0.81
(assuming fully loaded vehicle, fuel price of $3 gallon)


  • Highway congestion costs United States taxpayers $72 billion annually in wasted resources and lost productivity. One motor coach can displace as many as 56 passenger cars from crowded highways.
  • By keeping up to 425 million cars off of U.S. roads annually, motor coaches drastically reduce air, ground, water and noise pollution.
  • Motor coaches deliver more than 146 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, and yield more people-moving efficiency per BTU than any other mode.
  • Motor coaches use 946 BTUs per passenger mile, compared to 3,890 for planes and 2,134 for trains.

Go Greener

All new motor coaches equipped with 2007 diesel engines are vastly greener than their predecessors. Designed to drastically reduce polluting particulate emissions by 90%, they run exclusively on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel.

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